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My singing ministry began when I was 5 years old. I would stand in church chairs or on a piano bench to sing a song . My real ministry began at 9 years when I accepted the Lord as my personal  savior! I have known all my life that my ministry would be in music. I sang with family group till age 18. The opportunity came for me to be a part of an all male quartet so I pursued that until finally organizing a group known as GEORGIA in 1975. I have been blessed through the years to sing across America. In my years I have been blessed by many people, one of the best was to receive vocal training from Lee Roy Abernathy, a true legend in gospel music. I am blessed to start into my  46th year of Georgia, with a great group of guys! It seems as though the Lord is opening multiple doors for me to do real ministry! After all, singing has to be ministry or it is to no avail. The message we express time after time will never change. Jesus loves  you, died for you, and is coming again! May the Lord bless you through our GEORGIA ministry.



I was saved at the age of 14 on a Sunday night in June of 1980 at Chestnut Mtn Baptist Church. It wasn’t long after that, I felt the call to travel and spread the gospel through song. I would sing at youth events and revivals for 2 years before participating in my first group. This very special trio consisted of my dad, my brother, and me. We traveled locally for several years before life took us in different directions. I have been blessed to be in several groups from 1984 until 2000. During that time I also served as minister of music at two churches. I have always felt that my calling was to travel to different places and spread the gospel. In the year of 2000, I joined the group Georgia. It’s been a blessing to sing with different members of Georgia over the past 25 years. I feel the Lord has me right where He wants me, in His ministry for His purpose. It’s amazing to see week after week how He’s working through our ministry. Our prayer is that God use us to bring the lost to salvation and to be an encouragement to those who are hurting. 

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Wendy, for twenty-five years. We are greatly blessed with two wonderful children, Katie and Ben, and a wonderful son-in-law, Heath Buffington. I love my family with all my heart and am a very blessed man to have such an awesome family. If it wasn’t for my supporting wife, I would not be able to go do ministry every week. I love you Wendy, Ben, Katie and Heath.





My journey with Jesus began when I was 10 years old. Jesus saved my life at a Kroger gas station (pump #2) on a Sunday afternoon. My life has always been surrounded by music, especially Southern gospel. I have always loved to worship the Lord through song, and I knew from a young age that the Lord was calling me into ministry. It began when my sister, Halle, and I would sing for retreats and for our youth band. In 2022, I was asked to join Georgia. Georgia has always been a part of my life because Terry is my grandpa. After seeking the Lord, I put my yes on the table and the rest is history. I love being with these guys and getting to spread the love of Jesus with those who are in need. God is faithful and He deserves all the Glory!





Growing up I cannot remember my father, Terry Dale, doing anything else but wanting to sing southern  gospel music.  Like my father, I enjoyed traveling with the singing group.  During my younger years I would travel with the group in the summer months to various states.  I became part of the group several years ago when I started driving the bus and operating the sound system. I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do next in this group.  At the age of 15 I accepted Christ in a small church in Gillsville, GA.  I have been a youth leader and taught AWANA for 8 years before joining the group.  I enjoy
spending time at home with my beautiful wife Jodi and my 2 children Kollin and Karah. It is hard to leave every weekend to go sing but this is what I believe the Lord has called me to do.  I am so thankful for a loving wife that takes care of everything in my absence while I am living out my dream traveling with the group.


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